Seretis Accounting offers a wide range of tax and consulting services.

Accounting Services

Basic Accounting Record

We provide detailed and accurate recording of all accounting transactions, ensuring reliability and transparency in the company's financial data.

Our service covers everything from simple data entry to the production of complex financial reports.

Tax Consulting

Specialist tax advice including planning to reduce your tax burden, advice on avoiding tax pitfalls and assistance in dealing with tax audits.

Corporate Finance Management

We take over the full management of your finances, offering strategic analysis and advice to optimize income and expenditure, as well as for optimal cash flow.

Compliance with Accounting Standards

We ensure that your business remains in full compliance with current national and international accounting standards and regulations, preventing any legal or financial consequences.

Tax Services

Tax Planning

We design and implement targeted tax strategies that reduce the tax burden while ensuring full compliance with tax authorities.

Support in Tax Procedures

We offer full support and guidance in all phases of tax procedures, from filing tax returns to representation in tax audits and disputes.

Consulting on Tax Changes

We provide up-to-date advice on the latest tax changes and how they affect your business, helping to address any challenges.

Comprehensive Tax Support

From simple tax advice to full tax case management, we provide a wide range of services to meet all your needs.

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