Is it possible in an unstable economic environment, where tax and labor laws are changing constantly and drastically, for a company not only to survive but to remain profitable and expand its activities?

For us at "Christos Seretis & Associates", the answer to the above question is YES. This is due to 14 years of operating our company around the same principles with which we support, care and advise our clients : consistency, organization, innovation and vision for the future .

The group of young professionals who staff "Christos Seretis & Partners” work along the guidelines of building long-term relationships with our customers. We have the necessary experience and expertise to support them in their business activities. At the same time, we are keeping ourselves up-to-date and we upgrade our infrastructure continuously in order to maintain a "fresh" look at today's business environment.

To us, every customer - private or business - is a different, but equally important companion. Depending on each customer’s capabilities, needs, the market in which he/she is active, vision and desires, we offer a personalized set of best possible solutions - what we call “integrated accounting services". Every set is neither static nor given • it is being constantly processed, readapted, evolved and enriched. The solutions we offer are not just tools for survival, but profitability and growth as well.

As our customers’ companions, we constantly care in investing in new technologies that will serve their needs in the best possible way. Specialized customer management and accounting computerized systems, data security, prompt and accurate information and 24-hour Internet connection allow us to provide high-level, quality and affordable services . We closely follow tax and labor laws developments, are being informed on the ever changing business environment and listen to market needs.

Above all, we carefully listen to our customers. We move forward, evolve, expand our business, plan the future, envision - along with them.