Tax Services

Christos Seretis & Associates not only provides tax services, but also forms the tax strategy of the company. It offers immediate and valid information on the ever- changing tax environment, providing a safe and smooth “path” in the labyrinthine streets of tax legislation. Our many years of experience in tax matters is a key factor in making corporate and investment decisions, as well as the reliability of our tax advice. 

Our tax services include: 

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) refund services, full utilization of the tax benefits of development or tax laws. 
  • Customized tax support according to field or sector of activity of the company. Timely and clear information for any change in taxation. 
  • Settlement of tax audits and resolution of any outstanding tax issues. Audit of the company’s tax situation (tax due diligence). Services related to the real estate tax of the company. 
  • Income tax statements of natural and legal persons with emphasis on specific tax issues. Issues related to property transfers, donations or inheritances.