Christos Seretis & Associates, having accumulated many years of experience in managing complex problems is a valuable consultant for the family business. In line with the three-fold “Family-Business-Property” we contribute to enable your business to define its developmental goals. In complete harmonization with the family needs or particularities. With the aim of responding to the ever-changing conditions that require making important decisions, ensuring the profitability of the business as well as its continuity, from generation to generation. Christos Seretis & Associates protects you and your family from tax and business risks, seeking the greatest benefit.


We adapt the management practices of larger business groups to your family business. This way we achieve better organization, efficiency, growth, returns and reduce business risk. 

We work with you step by step on the transition of the business to the next generations. With the criterion of the lowest cost but also a smooth “passage” in the future, we build the plan that will ensure its continuity.

In search of the best for your family property, we formulate a strategy with valid and current information on real estate transfers, large real estate assets, parental benefits and inheritance issues. This way we avoid the side effects of an unplanned transfer, such as family conflicts and high costs. 

Aiming at the reduction of tax charges, we prepare and submit combined tax returns, by directly calculating the tax and settling any prior outstanding debts to the tax offices and insurance organizations. We find the most advantageous solutions for real estate issues and presumptions.