Payroll Outsourcing

With the Payroll Outsourcing service, Christos Seretis & Associates provides a stable payroll management model adapted to the size of each business. With 20 of experience in the subject and knowledge of the specifics of different economic sectors, we follow applied practices. Thus we ensure the immediate resolution of labour - insurance issues. At the same time with continuous harmonization with the current legislation and European rules. 

Our model achieves an immediate reduction in administrative costs, relieving the company of the ever-increasing burden of maintaining an in-house payroll system. At the same time, it unleashes the creative forces of the entrepreneur, since he is no longer required to deal with time-consuming processing procedures, which we fully undertake. 

Our services include:

  • Monthly issue of payroll (salaries, extraordinary remuneration, overtime, sick leaves, advances, loans, benefits in kind)
  • Monthly calculation and electronic submission of insurance contributions and Payroll Taxes statement
  • Preparation of payment receipts, payroll statements, accounting items and any payroll print-outs requested
  • Processing bulk payments of employees by exporting a file to the bank and sending their payment receipts electronically if requested
  • Personnel statistics and fees
  • Budget preparation
  • Remuneration of Board members, Company Managers
  • Management and electronic submission of all forms in the electronic application ERGANI of the Ministry of Labour
  • Representation of customers in the Greek insurance organizations
  • Human Resources services (employee cards, book of leaves, overtime book, employee agreements, participation in subsidized programs etc)
  • Consulting services in insurance and labour issues and valid information of customers on any change in applicable labour and insurance legislation
  • Cooperation with specialized and experienced Associates in cases of special issues (Labour Experts, Lawyers, Certified Auditors etc)