Christos Seretis & Associates thoroughly analyzes the goals of your business and
undertakes to formulate, step by step, a plan for its immediate development and
profitability. Highlighting the competitive advantages and identifying the
elements that need to be strengthened, it finds the answers to the key development
“questions”: Financing, saving resources, organization, strategy, setting
and achieving goals.

The company and Christos Seretis & Associates:

Provides a complete package of business consulting and coaching: We analyze the
viability of the company and together we form its financial planning.
Our goal is for the development plan to be achieved in the shortest possible time, with
optimal results.

Together we organize access to financial sources: The creation of
conditions for bank financing: The necessary preparation for the
utilization of development programs and their integration.

With consulting in the formation of budgets-accounts, your company
is now running as planned. It thus adapts to any instabilities of the
business environment.
We propose innovative technological solutions, seeking to reduce costs and
increase efficiency.

Through an experienced team of consultants, Christos Seretis & Associates offers
a complete range of DEAL ADVISORY services, regarding the purchase, sale,
joint venture, financing and restructuring of a company.