Accounting Services


The accounting services of Christos Seretis & Associates are adapted to a wide range to meet the needs of any type of business. Our feature is the integrated approach and the utilization of accounting valuation in medium-term and long-term strategic goals of each corporate entity. The utilization of the know-how and experience that we have is a guarantee for the consistent, careful keeping of the books of your business. So that at any time you have detailed knowledge of its accounting picture. Our goal is to build a relationship of long-term trust. 

Our accounting services include: 

  • Book keeping of all categories and monitoring of all company types. Accounting services based either in-house or in our headquarters.  
  • The establishment of domestic or foreign companies with conditions of continuous adaptation to the existing domestic or transnational legislation. Compliance to the International Accounting Standards, while we undertake all intra-group accounting services.
  • Accounting plan based on serving the information needs of the company and reorganization of these systems. 
  • Representation of the company for the processing of all transactions with the public tax offices.